HR Avenue Uses the Latest Technology

HR Avenue is based on the Java platform with Model-View-Controller framework as the principle of software architecture.

Designed to be truly web, HR Avenue uses latest Web technology when required to give our customers a friendly and interactive interface. Technologies such as AJAX and DHTML allows us to retrieve information and refresh portions of screen quickly to enrich user experience such as calendaring, organization chart, customizable web forms.

By using latest JavaScript framework to provide responsive design, we can support multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. HR Avenue also offer web services as an interface API which allows other third party tools or platforms to interact with.

With the extension of mobile web services, for a better productivity, HR Avenue offers the support mobile web on multi mobile browsers as well as have its own friendly mobile app which supports Android and iOS platform.

As technology grows from time to time, we always ensure our products align together with the technology. At this moment, we're advancing and incorporating Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Blockchain technology in HR Avenue.